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Welcome to Oracle Application Server 10g


Oracle Identity Management 10g ( is an integrated, standards-based software platform that allows organizations of all sizes to gain control of users' access to critical online applications and resources, while protecting confidential personal and business information from unauthorized users.

Oracle Identity Management includes:

  • Oracle Internet Directory: a scalable and highly available LDAPv3 directory service built on top of Oracle database technology
  • Oracle Virtual Directory: an LDAPv3 and DSMLv2 compliant directory service that provides one or more real-time views of data without synchronization from most directories, databases, and Web services
  • Oracle Identity Manager: a versatile end-to-end solution for automating the creation of user accounts in various target systems and applications, as well as an account reconciliation and role-based identity management solution
  • Oracle Access Manager: a robust access management solution coupled with an identity administration engine that provides self-service and delegated identity administration
  • Oracle Identity Federation: a turn-key, lightweight, multi-protocol solution for identity federation, supporting standards such as SAML1.x, SAML 2.0, Liberty ID-FF 1.x, and WS-Federation


The Oracle Identity Management documentation set consists of the documentation library and platform-specific documentation.

  • The Oracle Identity Management 10g ( documentation library contains administration, configuration, and development documentation.

    The Oracle Application Server and Oracle Identity Management documentation is available at Oracle Technology Network.

    Release Notes


Read the latest Release Notes on Oracle Technology Network for important information about Oracle Identity Management 10g (


    New Features


For details about new features for Oracle Identity Management 10g (, visit Oracle Technology Network.


    Oracle Application Server Logins


To manage and monitor Oracle Application Server, log on to Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control:
username: ias_admin
password: specified during install


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